Cogeneration is the production of two forms of energy, generally electrical and thermal.

The proposed fit-for-purpose cogeneration plant at Botany would use safe, non-recyclable materials that would otherwise go to landfill as fuel to create steam and electricity for use in running the recycled paper mill.

In the same way as a boiler works, the fuel would be used to heat water, with the steam produced to turn a turbine and create energy to run the recycled paper mill. This whole process would be completely enclosed internally within the cogeneration plant structure.

The fuel would include materials from the recycled paper-making process on site that simply can’t be recycled further, and some carefully sorted and processed non-recyclable materials from a SUEZ processing centre in Chullora. These materials would otherwise be transported off site to be sent to landfill.

Using non-recyclable materials as fuel is part of the energy recovery process. Energy recovery technology is sustainable, safe, proven and widely-used across Europe and the UK. The technology is also approved for use in Australia.

The proposed Cogeneration Plant would be built entirely on the existing paper mill site, in the place where a disused paper manufacturing facility currently stands, and within the existing industrial area.